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How to Use Exfoliator?

People nowadays are facing a lot of skin problems that never come to an end. The basic skin problems are oily skin, dry skin, and there are plenty of people who have the problem of combination skin. The main problem is that the combination is that people who face such problem do not know what to do. People think that there is no remedy for the problem of combination skin, but it is completely false. There are exfoliators in the market these days, which are great remedy and solution to your various skins problem and basically the combination skin.

The exfoliation is a proven remedy for skin problems as it does not only make your skin blush from the surface, but it has deep action. It penetrates your skin very gently and then performs its actions. The exfoliation process barely causes any harm to your skin, and therefore, it is considered as the best among all the available remedies for skin problems.

Why use exfoliators?

Before you know about the right way to use exfoliators, it is of vital importance to know about why the exfoliators are the best.  It is also a very important thing to know how the exfoliators work and how they can easily get you rid of your skin problems. In the forthcoming paragraph, you will be made clear about how the exfoliators and why should we use it.

Why use exfoliators

The skin does not remain the same when it is damaged, but it constantly keeps repairing and replacing itself. The main outcome of the repair and replacement process is that you can get layers of dead skin cells all over the face. The face exfoliator helps your skin to get rid of these leftovers of dead skin on your body and makes your skin healthier, brighter immediately after the use.

Brighter skin is only one benefit of exfoliation for your skin; the exfoliation actually makes your skin healthier as well. When you use face exfoliator for the skin, it riddles off the dead skin cells. With the layer of dead skin cells all over your body, it might be difficult for the skincare products to get inside the skin and give results. When you exfoliate your skin, the dead skin layers are riddled off, and the skincare products can easily enter your skin and provide desired results.

If you have acne-prone skin and have plenty of acne all over your skins, exfoliation helps you to get rid of the problem. In case you have a combination skin, which means that at some areas it is dry and it is oily at others, skins exfoliation can help you to make your skin even and perfectly moisturized.

Exfoliation is done the right way

It is very true that the face exfoliator is a very advantageous product, provided you do it the right way. There are some things that you should know about the exfoliation process and about how to do it the right way.

1. Pick the right product

The number of exfoliation products in the market is not numerous by huge. The huge number of companies and products makes it difficult to choose the right one for you. The face exfoliator is as important as your moisturizer and eve more. Therefore, never compromise in terms of quality when choosing the best exfoliator. Make sure you pick the one that is free of parabens and sulfates.

2. Apply on dry skin

Most of the people have misbelieved that the scrubs and exfoliators are to be applied on moist skin. The truth is that the scrubs works the best when applied on dry skin, and so is the case with the exfoliators. Therefore, it is widely recommended that you use the face exfoliator after cleaning and drying your skin completely.

3. Massage in a circular motion

When you have applied the exfoliator on your face, it is important to that you massage it the right way. Move your fingers in circular motions over the area where you have applied it. Make sure that you rub it over the nose and forehead as well.

4. Rinse with cold water

Once the massaging is done nicely, rinse your face with the cold water. After cleaning the face properly with water, use a warm towel to pat dry your face and voila, you have perfect and fresh-looking skin.

Knowing the right way to use the face exfoliator, perhaps you can get the best advantages of exfoliating your skin.

Can You Trust Tattoo Numbing Creams?

The can you trust numbing cream protection question is brought up, whenever people want a pain free tattoo. You can get a tattoo immediately and just deal with it. That would be simpler. To dig deeper in this matter, you can trust tattoo numbing creams as much as you can trust a aspirin. Meanings, it will reduce the pain but not all of it. Picking the best numbing cream for tattoos would help more, but the pain will still be there. I guess, the only way to get a tattoo with no pain is to get a fake tattoo. Trust numbing creams lightly in our general opinion. If you want to know more on their capabilities, read what we got to say below.

Most Tattoo Artist Refuse to Use Numbing Cream


Not following the tradition, is not in the common tattoo artist blood. Tattoo artists generally believe in the old tradition related to the right of passage. They believe that a person is suppose to endure pain to receive a tattoo. Enduring the pain will make them a warrior or worthy to have a tattoo. People in old religions, would get tattoos for all sorts of reasons. Some were for a level of power. Some were for acceptance into a specific group. Its the way its been for thousands of years. The tattoos artist do not want to break the tradition. You can still get tattoo numb cream, but expect resistance from your local tattoo artist.

You have a right to ask for the best numbing pan for tattoos when you go into a tattoo shop. Nobody that expects money from you has a right to tell you how to spend your money. There is probably a new artist who can add the numb cream and do it. If you find yourself dealing with a tattoo artist who won’t budge, just see a new tattoo artist. A tattoo is part of your body. Part of your skin. Its something that stays with you forever. You have every right to tell that tattoo artist you want the protection when getting your tattoo. Its your body when the Sun sets each night.

In More Detail, the Effect of Using Numbing Tattoo Creams

The cream act as a nerve defender and nerve blocker for your skin. Idocaine gets injected in your top skin layer. It then cancels the control your nervous system has on the tattoo area. They only block pain for the top layer of the skin. Needles digging deeper will still promote a pain response. To add more effect, Tectracaine is injected in your body. It tells your brain to ignore the pain signals sent to your brain. You will have pain but not feel it. The pain can still hurt you if it go to far. Make sure the tattoo artist is doing a descent job. Always make sure.

How You Can Use the Tattoo Numb Cream

If you want to use the tattoo numbing cream for home use, its really not a problem to do it. Just put a thin layer of tattoo numb cream on the tattoo area. Leave it on there for about 45 minutes to an hour and your done. Its really that simple. Don’t put on too much or it will lose its effect. Wash it off afterwards and repeat the same steps for the next 4-6 weeks. That’s all you need to know.

Should A New Tattoo Have Sunblock On It

You can apply sunscreen to your tattoo but you have to careful about it. New tattoos enter the healing process when they finish getting inked. During this time, they are very vulnerable. They can become worse or get infected if connected with sunblock. The best sunscreen for tattoos would cause harm also. Use no sunscreen in the beginning stages of your tattoo. None at all. Wait for it to heal for the next 2 weeks. Then, you are just about ready to add on some sunscreen. But there is more you should know. View what we have to say about that below.

Some Sunscreen Have Dangerous Chemicals Inside

Should A New Tattoo Have Sunblock On It

You are unaware and and I was too, most chemicals in sunscreen are dangerous for tattoos. Some claim to be made for tattoos, but don’t go for the snag. The tattoo sunscreen products pull it too. Make sure the product you buy has protection from UV, UVA, and UVB light. The sunscreen will truly protect you if it has these these three things. Make sure the SPF is 15 or more. Look at the back label and check. Taking time out to do this will cause you to have a more colorful tattoo in the Sun.

Testing sunscreens is another thing you need to do. Even though it tells you everything you want it to have to stay healthy, you still need to run a test. Go to the back yard and test it. Test the Sun on your tattoo. See if the cream is doing its job well. If it does good for 2 hours or so, then its the right cream for you. You got to test more then one. It will take about three to get the right one for you. We all have different skin types. You can’t really be sure one will do the best UV light protection.

Most Sunscreens at the Store Contain Artificial Smells

Some of the sunscreens smell good, make sure to stay away from those. Those are not good. Those are the ones you need to avoid at all cost. The berry smell is very allergic to your skin. Stay away from the smell and try to find sunscreen that is unscented. The unscented one will not cause an allergic reaction to your skin. Allergic reactions can be harmful in high amounts. Very important to make sure the sunscreen is unscented. The best sunscreen for tattoos must be unscented too.

Apply a Thin Layer of Sunscreen When Going Out in the Day

Apply sunscreen on tattoo is only good when its a small amount. You must make sure its a small amount. The amount can not be really thick and large. That will prevent the tattoo from healing. The tattoo needs oxygen to heal. The thick layer of sunscreen blocks the oxygen. Take out a small amount and rub tattoo with finger. A small smear should be spread on the tattoo. Not a lot. A small thin smear should be on that tattoo skin. Never forget to do this when applying sunscreen to a tattoo.