The can you trust numbing cream protection question is brought up, whenever people want a pain free tattoo. You can get a tattoo immediately and just deal with it. That would be simpler. To dig deeper in this matter, you can trust tattoo numbing creams as much as you can trust a aspirin. Meanings, it will reduce the pain but not all of it. Picking the best numbing cream for tattoos would help more, but the pain will still be there. I guess, the only way to get a tattoo with no pain is to get a fake tattoo. Trust numbing creams lightly in our general opinion. If you want to know more on their capabilities, read what we got to say below.

Most Tattoo Artist Refuse to Use Numbing Cream


Not following the tradition, is not in the common tattoo artist blood. Tattoo artists generally believe in the old tradition related to the right of passage. They believe that a person is suppose to endure pain to receive a tattoo. Enduring the pain will make them a warrior or worthy to have a tattoo. People in old religions, would get tattoos for all sorts of reasons. Some were for a level of power. Some were for acceptance into a specific group. Its the way its been for thousands of years. The tattoos artist do not want to break the tradition. You can still get tattoo numb cream, but expect resistance from your local tattoo artist.

You have a right to ask for the best numbing pan for tattoos when you go into a tattoo shop. Nobody that expects money from you has a right to tell you how to spend your money. There is probably a new artist who can add the numb cream and do it. If you find yourself dealing with a tattoo artist who won’t budge, just see a new tattoo artist. A tattoo is part of your body. Part of your skin. Its something that stays with you forever. You have every right to tell that tattoo artist you want the protection when getting your tattoo. Its your body when the Sun sets each night.

In More Detail, the Effect of Using Numbing Tattoo Creams

The cream act as a nerve defender and nerve blocker for your skin. Idocaine gets injected in your top skin layer. It then cancels the control your nervous system has on the tattoo area. They only block pain for the top layer of the skin. Needles digging deeper will still promote a pain response. To add more effect, Tectracaine is injected in your body. It tells your brain to ignore the pain signals sent to your brain. You will have pain but not feel it. The pain can still hurt you if it go to far. Make sure the tattoo artist is doing a descent job. Always make sure.

How You Can Use the Tattoo Numb Cream

If you want to use the tattoo numbing cream for home use, its really not a problem to do it. Just put a thin layer of tattoo numb cream on the tattoo area. Leave it on there for about 45 minutes to an hour and your done. Its really that simple. Don’t put on too much or it will lose its effect. Wash it off afterwards and repeat the same steps for the next 4-6 weeks. That’s all you need to know.